Asynchronous Learning with a Twist

Through this course, I am hoping to develop an e-learning platform that gives students freedom to manage their own learning, with just enough external structure to help them feel supported and get things done. To that end, I have set things up to be asynchronous—you’re not working through this as part of a synchronized cohort. You work at your own pace, organizing your own time within the course’s time limit of four months. I have set four months as your deadline to finish the program for a few reasons: it will help us all keep focussed, help me keep the number of participants under control (because I need to give feedback on many different assignments) and it will help me ensure that people aren’t sharing their login info and giving others access to the course for free (sorry, that sounds crass but I do have to make a living off this stuff.)

Yes, you read that correctly: you have 120 days to finish this program. The system boots you out after that. So, you know, get busy.