Course Order and Assignments

Linear with non-linear access

The course is laid out in a linear fashion, taking you through the process of visitor experience planning from start to finish. But the content of the course itself can be accessed in any order; if you are particularly curious about, say, audience segmentation you are welcome to jump ahead and work on that, coming back to the previous sections when you want to. You keep control of how you learn, and how much time you spend on a given unit.


Each unit has at least one assignment. They generally involve you doing some written work. You upload the piece, I have a look and offer feedback, I mark the assignment as complete, and you move on.

The idea is that the written work is not just an academic exercise; each assignment should go on to become a chapter in your plan. Each time you complete an assignment, you are fleshing out your final plan. We’re all about the efficiency around here.

For the assignments, you can upload PDFs, Word docs, open source docs, Excel, Pages, Numbers, text, rich text, whatever. My only caveat is not to pack it with too many images; I will put a size limit on the files so you don’t crash my site.

When you upload an assignment, I get a notification. I offer comments and mark it “approved”. You’ll see your assignments’ status on the home page of the site:

Screen cap of an assignment that has a comment waiting

How to Upload Assignments

At the bottom of this page is an upload button. Here’s what I want you to do right now: go create a word or text document. On it, write exactly what you had for breakfast. Alternately, write what you wish you had for breakfast. Save it under whatever file name you like. Then, use the uploader below to browse for the file on your hard drive and then upload it. I will “grade” it and offer comments as if it were a real assignment, and you will get a notification when that’s done.

Do it. Now. Thanks.