Social Learning

With this program, I am really hoping to establish a community of learners—a place where you can feel at home, surrounding by fellow planning nerds, sharing your insights and learning from each other. To that end, this course has a social component.

There is a chat group—if there’s a topic you want help with, or want to discuss anything with your colleagues, just post a note in the group. Here are a couple of my posts:

Moderated Discussion

One of the benefits of the community is that discussion is moderated. If I can help you connect with somebody else to answer a question, I will do so. If somebody’s post is entirely off-topic, I will gently suggest they start a separate thread. And if somebody is posting hateful or abusive stuff, I will boot their ass off so fast it will make their head spin.

Private Messages

You are welcome to DM (send direct private messages) other students in the program. They are not obligated to respond; please respect that. To send a DM, just navigate to the top right corner; you should see your name. Drop down the menu and click on “messages” then “compose.”


You will receive notifications in the top right corner of any page, with your profile info. If you want to set up any kind of special interest chat group—something particular to people who work in historic sites, say—let me know and I can set it up.